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Join workshops, collaborate with our staff, and share career insight with the participants in our programs.

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Be a guest facilitator
Gain more teaching exposure
Have a passion for STEM, interest in education, and/ or are a teaching candidate? You are welcomed

Be a worksite mentor or supervisor

Mentor or Supervise our participants in your work setting.

Opportunities are available during the academic school year and summer
Train potential future employees at no cost
Connect with our network of supervisors at annual events

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to SF STEM Academy

Directly donate to our program to help SF youth thrive.

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Donate used physical products (laptops, tablets, etc.)

We can customize your partnership experience.

We're the bridge that brings San Francisco youth one step closer to better futures by connecting them to local businesses and organizations.

Looking for interns to help out or hosting events? JCYC Workhub is a one stop shop for engagement opportunities.


Interested in working with high school youths during the academic school year or summer?

SF STEM Academy is always open to inviting guests to help lead after-school workshops for high school students. Our youth are interested in the general STEM field, career exploration, and college readiness.

Additionally, potential partners can inquire to be a host site for SF STEM Academy’s summer internships. For more information, email Program Coordinators, Abdoulie Jallow and Brent Lee

Connect With SF STEM Academy

Once communication has been established, potential partners and SF STEM Academy staff will discuss your specialities, goals, and where it would best align with our youths. 


Onboarding Process

When plans have been established between potential partners and SF STEM Academy, we will go forward with the onboarding process. This included necessary meetings, MOUs/contracts, etc.



SF STEM Academy will contact you with any additional information required and will keep you updated in an appropriate time frame. In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Frequently asked questions.

I am interested in getting involved, but am unsure of where to begin.

Sign up to be a volunteer, or contact us directly so we can get connected! We are excited to work with you and support you in volunteering in any capacity. All ideas are welcomed.

What if I want to host youth at my job?

We are actively recruiting worksite partners year round. If you think you may be able to host interns at your worksite, let us know! Our program participants would be paid through our own funding, so you do not have to contribute a financial cost to hosting interns.


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